How-to sheets


Runners and venue escorts


– Overcrowded space.

– Artists are often left on their own.

– Gender discriminations


  • Promoters are held responsible for the artist’s required transport arrangements to and from the venue.
  • The promoter should provide the artist with on-site runners whenever possible and chauffeur-driven companies should be avoided.


  • • Prior to the event: Artists demands shall be addressed to the promoter. In case of solo transportation requests, it shall be reminded that the priority is the safety of the artist. Ask for any request regarding the driver gender or/and language (Reminder: English is mandatory in all cases).
  • • During the event: In case the artist is in no condition to perform (intoxicated and/or other), a transport arrangement back to the hotel shall be considered.
  • • Promoters should pool contacts and resources relying on various national networks.
  • • Regarding artists‘ transportation, promoters shall be held accountable with more gender awareness through training.