Rider.e: Initial members

Bi:Pole  is an independent artist management and cultural company.

The agency provides tours production and artists booking for a select and international roster. Bi:Pole supports artistic development in its global scope combining creation, management, distribution services, communication and strategy.

Involved in both in Europe and overseas, Bi:Pole promotes diversity and the breaking down of barriers between innovative and alternative musical trends.

Since its creation in 2010, Bi:Pole has launched several major events including “Le Bon Air Festival”. Its offices are located in Marseille, in the hotbed of la Friche la Belle de Mai.


After several years of collaboration with renowned law firms, Alexandra Jouclard founded JOUCLARD AVOCATS willing to provide a responsive and local service combined with technical skills and expertise.

With her field experience, careful to preserve her positioning in defense of creation, authors, artists and entrepreneurs, Alexandra Jouclard cultivates an acute strategic vision of the projects she advises.

Working with trade unions and professional associations, attending conferences, exhibitions and professional festivals, Alexandra Jouclard involved in training and education, also provides daily support to the industry as it evolves. Therefore, she takes a keen interest in providing up-to-date technical and innovative insight at all stages of the process.

ACT RIGHT supports nightlife organizations in providing them with the tools and means to become active change-makers themselves.

As society keeps evolving, it is high time that the nightlife industry and its related events not only offer safer spaces, but also become more gender inclusive with gender balanced artistic lineups and with their staff. The nightlife industry should also become more respectful for the environment.

Arty Farty is a European and entirely non-profit independent association supporting youth, innovating cultures, democratic renewal and the general interest.

Arty Farty promotes an increased awareness of the cultural, artistic and creative vision in redefining the European initiative and reducing social, spatial and generational divides.

Rider.e: Project partners


Born in 2015, futura is an international booking agency based in Barcelona and Berlin. Emerging from the Cómeme Agency, futura stems from our desire to broaden the range of musicians with whom we work.
We represent an international roster of artists from the acoustic & electronic spectrum with a focus on diversity, interdisciplinarity and a shared taste for the unconventional.

We work with all types of venues and events, from underground parties to big festivals to commissioned projects. At futura, we have an ongoing dialogue with the artists to fulfil whatever path they envision, treating their performances as a crucial part of their creative process.

We are a small but dedicated team of music enthusiasts, passionate about pushing talent and willing to become a medium for our musicians to travel and connect the dots that keep our music scene alive.

Helvetia Rockt

Helvetiarockt is the Swiss coordination office and networking platform for female and non-binary musicians in jazz, pop and rock. With our courses we offer a platform for young women and non-binary teenager to discover music and we also promote and network professional artists. Our goal is to sensitize and raise awareness in the music industry. We demand appropriate visibility and recognition for women and non-binary people, gender-balanced line-ups, teams and committees. Every day we aim to inspire people to fight inequality and find solutions together.


Culte Agency is an independent booking and management agency based in Brussels and specialized in electronic and experimental music. Since 2016, it represents about twenty artists worldwide. The team works closely with its artists, as much on short, medium and long term development. Very active, Culte seeks to push the Belgian scene and make it known worldwide, always in a mutual dialogue with its artists. As a booking and management agency, the Culte team feels it has a real role to play in building a more respectful and inclusive music scene.

Temporary secretary

Temporary Secretary is a booking agency based in Berlin. It represents about 30 artists already well established on the music scene, while actively working on the development of emerging artists to support the new generation of electronic music artists. Very open to the world, Temporary Secretary fights every day against discrimination of any kind and for a more respectful, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive scene.


Centre national de la musique

As a common house for music, the CNM seeks, through “a permanent process of consultation with the entire sector”, according to the terms of the law of October 30, 2019, the balance necessary for the harmonious development of the various components of the sector, in a constantly evolving and increasingly globalized environment.

It guarantees the diversity, renewal and freedom of musical creation. Its financial and non-financial aid mechanisms aim to support authors, composers, artists and the professionals who accompany them to enable them to reach out to all audiences, in France and abroad.