How-to sheets

Security staff

Security personnel, gender-awareness and protocols.

Make sure to guarantee audience, staff members and artists integrity.


  • Security personnel should avoid misgendering that may be harmful.
  • Security personnel should be versed in gender-awareness training and responsive to GBV.


  • Attendees and artists should be greeted according to gender-awareness and mutual support should be encouraged.
  • A contact person should be present among the security staff.
  • It is important to gain consent from anyone who will be searched


  • • Security personnel must be responsive to gender awareness.
  • • It is important to try to achieve gender equality in all teams, regardless of their area of expertise.
  • • The contact person for the security staff is well trained, clearly identified and recognizable.
  • • Searching spaces must be gender-neutral whenever possible.
  • • Physical contact during search must be prohibited whenever possible, we recommend the use of hand-held metal detectors.
  • • Communication between security personnel and the promoter must be encouraged to ensure effective cooperation throughout on-site operations.