How-to sheets

Artists greeting

Dressing rooms


  • In case of gender-neutral dressing rooms: potential gender discrimination, GBV, …
  • Issues regarding the very requirement of the dressing rooms.
  • Alcoholic beverages consumption in the dressing rooms.


  • To provide comfort and hygiene.
  • The dressing room must be a safe place with single occupancy.
  • Privacy should be guaranteed in case of shared occupancy.
  • In case of shared occupancy, artists should be able to rest according to their own needs.


  • • The contact person in charge of the dressing rooms must be responsive and committed to gender awareness.
  • • Separate dressing rooms (crew, technicians, artists) shall be required.
  • • No gender-neutral dressing rooms will be implemented whenever solo-occupancy dressing rooms are not available.
  • • Separate toilets and showers should be provided whenever possible.
  • • Gender awareness raising posters about the fight against GBV should be displayed in this area.
  • • Silent rest periods will be required in the dressing rooms.
  • • The contact person will be in charge of the incident report forms.